Class 2V

Welcome to 2V!

Class Teacher : Ms Vani

Class Teaching Assistant: Mr Regan

2V Newsletter - Spring 2017

Welcome to 2V! We are very active learners who enjoy stories and challenges. We love to move and groove in dance, P.E., music, five a day, and even by doing actions in grammar and literacy lessons.

We are working really hard to follow the golden rules all the time. We are excellent at explaining what a good listener does. A good listener shows good looking, good listening and good thinking.

We earn dojos for having our homework in completed on a Monday and our reading book signed on both a Monday and Thursday.

During Autumn 1 our topic is 'Castles, Kingdoms and Fairytales.' We have loved reading alternative versions of fairytales and brand new stories that have a variety of fairytale characters in them!

During Autumn 2 we will be focussing on Celebrations. We will study Bonfire Night, Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas and Eid. We learn about all of these celebrations because we know it is important to respect everyone's beliefs and cultures.

In 2V we are kind and helpful to one another to make the classroom a safe and happy place to learn!

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