Class 4R

Class Teacher : Ms C.Robey

Teaching Assistant: Ms M.Berry

4R Newsletter - Spring 2017

Welcome to 4R. Here in our new classroom, with our new teacher, we like to create a great learning environment along with a great attitude to learning. We learn in our engaging and interactive classroom, getting involved with all the different resources that help us learn. Another important area is our development of our Building Learning Power tools. These help us with skills we will always use like collaboration, perseverance and managing distractions.

 Here are some of the reasons that we 'Smallwooders' love our class and subjects:

"We have fun learning" Rhylie

"Our teachers are funny and kind" Ariadna

"We learn new things that challenge us" Zohaa

"We try our best and use our Building Learning Power tools" Diaz​

Thank you very much for your time!


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