At Smallwood we offer an exciting broad and balanced curriculum where learning is at the heart of what we do.

  We promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development of all our children and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities, experiences and basic skills needed for further education and a successful and satisfying life.  The delivery and development of the curriculum is based on the following key principles of children’s learning:

  •  All children will have ample opportunities to develop as independent learners
  •  The curriculum will encourage active learning and participation
  •  The curriculum will provide a broad and balanced variety of learning contexts
  •  The curriculum will reflect the diversity of the school community in terms of race, gender and range of abilities
  •   Positive encouragement and support will be given to all children to ensure equal access to the curriculum
  •  Positive role models will be provided to demonstrate, develop and extend skills and strategies
  •  All children will experience appropriate practical learning activities





Science and PSHE

Curriculum Map 2016-2017




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