Inter-school debate trip

Wandsworth Town Hall - Marble Hall


On Tuesday 17th June 2014, a group of children from Year 5 went to MUNGA event which took place at Wandsworth Town Hall in the Marble Hall.

MUNGA stands for Model United Nations General Assembly.

Children from Schools in Wandsworth took part in the Inter-School debate.

Motion 1:

This house believes that government should take responsibility to make sure that no child goes hungry.

Motion 2:

The house would give cash to the poor to end poverty.

In this whole day event, every school represented a country from the world. 

Smallwood Primary School represented and also gave a public presentation about NIGERIA.

Out of 12 schools, Smallwood Primary School was awarded 4th place in the Poster Challenge, therefore our poster will be printed into postcards.

The poster challenge theme was article 27 from the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child, which means to eradicate poverty throughout government responsibility to support those in need.

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