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Language Unit Classes
Rabbits Class
Teacher: Harriet Page

Welcome to Rabbits Class! We are the youngest group of children in the Language Unit with a mix of Nursery and Reception. In total we have six children and three members of staff. We have lots of fun learning in Rabbit Class and we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

We have had a great start to the New Year and have all settled in really well. Our topic this term is ‘Marvellous Me!’ in which we will be exploring things we like, looking at the different senses, our bodies, our families and thinking where we live. Our learning will be based around engaging books, visits, trips and role-play and lots and lots of play!

In the Language Unit we also take part in weekly life skills sessions which involve some very exciting trips including the park, café, supermarket, post office as well as many more. During these session we also learn about safety in the environment, public transport and handling money. These sessions are appropriate to the age group and cover individual needs.

We also have regular Speech and Language therapy (SALT) and Occupational therapy (OT) that is embedded into all of our learning. We are very lucky in Rabbit Class that the OT room is located right next to our class so we can take advantage of this when it is not in use. We also have a specialist dance teacher called Emma Jones who works with us once a week.  

We will keep in touch with you through the Home School Diaries that will go home each Friday. Please remember to check these and feel free to write about anything you wish to share. We really look forward to the year ahead!

Class 1/2W
Class Teacher: Anita Whelan 

Welcome to 1/2W. We have had a fantastic start to the term and have settled in quickly. We are a happy and friendly class who are passionate about learning.  We are building upon and developing skills we have learnt during previous years. We are now learning new strategies to persevere and overcome challenges.     

Life Skills                                                                                                                                        
All of the Language Unit classes take part in weekly lessons, called ‘Life Skills’. Within these sessions, children get the opportunity to learn new life skills as well as practise skills that that they have learned before. Included in life skills are opportunities to learn about travel (road safety, public transport), cooking, shopping (handling money, navigating the food aisles) and meeting members of our community. Each teacher gears their sessions towards their pupil’s specific needs.

Things to remember:
Year 1 have swimming on Wednesday. Please bring your PE kit to school on Monday and take it home at the end of the week. Please bring your book bag and home school book into school every day so we can put letters inside. We change reading books on Thursdays.

Class 3/4G
Class Teacher: Sarah Gavin
Welcome to 3/4G. We are one of the Language Unit classes at Smallwood. There are 11 children and 3 adults. We love to learn and are enthusiastic about school. We are all becoming more independent - taking on our own jobs in the classroom, and getting our own resources at the start of lessons. We love to earn Dojo points – the top two each week get a prize!

Here’s some things we like about school:

“I like Literacy” (Tayah)

“Writing!” (Attaur)

“I like seeing my friends” (Molly)

“I like PE” (Laibah)

This Term
We are exploring Africa for the first Half Term and will move onto Asia after the break. We will be looking at the geography of Africa; using map skills to identify countries, finding the deserts and rainforests in Africa. We will also be looking at the life of a child in Africa and comparing it to our lives.

In Science we are looking at Animals Including Humans. We will be covering animal babies, growing and changing, healthy eating, exercise, and keeping clean.

In Literacy we will be using a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books that are based around our Topic and Science focus.

Life Skills
One of our favourite things to do in school is Life Skills. For the Autumn Term we will be focussing on People That Help Us. We have already looked at our families and what they do for us. We will be looking at friends, community helpers, and strangers too.

Previous things we have done in Life Skills are – shopping in Sainsbury’s, a trip to the Fire Station, visiting Paddock Café, and travel training. This year we will be doing lots more fun things!

Speech and Language Therapy
We are very lucky at Smallwood and we get lots of Speech and Language therapy from Miss O’Hagan, Miss Cook and Miss Crowley. They help us with different things from practising our social skills to working on our speech. We see them every Wednesday afternoon for Talking Teams.


  • We have Dance on Monday and PE on Friday so please remember your kit on these days.
  • Reading books get changed on a Monday and Friday. In the Reading Record there is a sheet with different styles of questions you can ask. Please ask us these questions when we have read the story, it will help us develop our comprehension skills.
  • Homework is set on a Monday and is due the following Monday. Please make sure that Homework Books come in so that we can see all of the great work that’s been done.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about 3/4G! We love having visitors so please pop in and say hello.

Class 5/6H
Class Teacher: Serish Hussain

Year 5/6 H are the oldest class in the Language Unit. We work every hard in all subjects! We join the mainstream classes at playtimes, assemblies, in Dance and Music lessons and when we go on trips. In 5/6 J, we focus on becoming more independent learners and getting ready for our next step; Secondary School.