Staff List

Headteacher: -Mrs F.Loudon

Deputy Head – Teaching, Learning and Curriculum: Ms M.Boon

Deputy Head – Early Years: Mrs B.Heald

Senior Managers

Inclusion Manager: Miss N.Gibson

Teacher in Charge of the Language Unit:  Mrs M.Downham (P/T) and Miss V.Annan

Early Years Leader:  Mrs B.Heald

Key Stage One Leader: Mrs J.Mills (on maternity leave) – Miss M.Vani covering

Key Stage 2 Leader:  Mrs Goulding

School Business Manager: Mrs A.Griffin

Nursery  -  Early Years

Reception  - Early Years

Year 1 -  KS1

Class Teacher:

Miss C.Greaney


Teaching Assistants:

Ms A.Miles

Miss R.Field

Ms S.Gordon



Class Teacher:

Miss L.Miles - Hedgehogs

Miss R.Greenland - Badgers

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs S.Boswell

Ms K.Carpenter

Ms S.Russell

Ms J.Corry

Class Teacher:

Mr J.Griffiths – Dragonflies

Miss K.Wiffen – Fireflies

Teaching Assistant:

Ms L.Hoblyn – Dragonflies

Ms T.Weston – Fireflies


Ms H. Joseph - Fireflies

Year 2 – KS1

Year 3  - KS2

Year 4  - KS2

Class Teacher:

Ms M.Vani  -  2V

Ms N.Woodward  -  2W

Ms R.Richards – 2R

Teaching Assistant:

Mr J.Reagan – 2V

Ms K.Thompson – 2R

Vacant– 2W

Class Teacher

Ms C.Roncato -  3R

Mr R.Swoboda  - 3S


Teaching Assistant:

Ms S.Sayers  - 3R

Ms S.Tookey  - 3S

Class Teacher:

Ms G.Galvin -  4G

Ms C.Robey  - 4R


Teaching Assistant:

Ms L.Wray  - 4G

Ms M.Berry  - 4R


Year 5  - KS2

Year 6B  -  KS2

Rabbits – Language Unit

Class Teacher:

Ms I.Ukpong  - 5U

Mrs R.Griffin  - 5G


Teaching Assistant:

Mrs T.Malone  - 5U

Mr C.Newey  - 5G



Mrs E.Sale – 5G

Class Teacher:

Mrs A.Bennett

Ms R.Goulding


Teaching Assistant:

Mr M.Bradshaw


Class Teacher:

Ms H.Page


Teaching Assistants:

Ms A.Conroy

Ms J. De Ritis

1/2W – Language Unit

3/4G  - Language Unit

5/6J  - Language Unit

Class Teacher:

Ms A.Whelan


Teaching Assistants:

Ms S.Brooks

Ms B.Cotano

Class Teacher:

Mrs S. Gavin


Teaching Assistant:

Ms M.De Villiers

Ms N.Wynne

Class Teacher:

Ms E.Johnson


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs I.Ellis

Mrs D.Brooks

Specialist Teachers

Central Teaching Staff

Central Support Staff

Mr K.Hutter – PE

Mr J.Dawson – Dance

Anne-Marie Kotowicz - Music

Ms E.Jones – Dance (SEN – LU)

Mrs S.Janes – PPA

Mr J.Don-Carolis – PPA

Ms F.Syed - Intervention Teacher


Ms M.Shelley – Senior TA - EAL

MS F. Kassam – Senior TA – T&L/SEN

Ms A. Palmer – Learning Mentor

Mr G.Gibbs – ICT Technician

Office Team

Premises Team

Children’s Centre

Helena Zawadzka – Senior Admin Officer

Mark Collins – Finance Officer

Emma Porter – Office Admin Assistant

Parminder Bansal – SEN Admin Assistant


Paul Hales – Premises

David Burnett – Premises


Jenny Hindmoor – Centre Manager

Zara Khan – Outreach Worker

Sophie Bunker - Outreach Worker

Sally Murrow – Early Years Educator

Victoria Ojewale – Early Years Worker

Ramani Sriskandarajah -Early Years Worker

Amanda Gurbarran – Centre Administrator

Lunchtime Supervisors

Outside Staff


Denise Brooks  - Senior LS

Sharon Sayers

Sue Tookey

Teresa Malone

Maxine Berry

Laura Boreham

Amanda Rees

Gary Gibbs

Pippa Dunn – Senior SALT (LU)

Sarah Cook – SALT (LU)

Sinead Crowley – SALT (LU)

Jordan Leaney– SALT (Mainstream)

Anita Janjua – Literacy Support

Lynda Shaw – OT

Oby Victor - School Nurse

Melanie De Luca  - Place to Be Project Manager

Harry Cowd – Chair

Jill Newey – Vice Chair

Tom Finch – Chair of Finance

James Daley  - Chair of HR and Premises

Austin Erwin – Community Governor

Sam Birnage -  Community Governor

Nathan Bennett – Parent Governor

Sally Dean – Parent Governor

Namrah Khan – Parent Governor

Ben Newton –  Parent Governor

Gary Gibbs – Support Staff

Sarah Gavin -Staff

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