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Smallwood Primary School and Language Unit

One World Curriculum 

 Our Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum Subjects







Physical Education (PE)

Art & Design

Design & Technology (DT)


Religious Education (RE)

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Personal, Social Health, Citizenship Education (PSHCE) 

Smallwood Primary School is a happy, vibrant and friendly inner-city school. We are an  inclusive school with a strong sense of community, where all children are treated equally.  We celebrate their right to be different and to reach their potential in different ways.


At Smallwood, we recognise the value our pupils add to our world today and in the years  to come. We recognise that our pupils’ futures will be in a rapidly ever-changing and  diverse world - a world that must value, celebrate and protect our surroundings, our  environments, our cultures and ultimately our planet. Our pupils will become adults in a  world where jobs will be created to solve problems that currently do not exist. Our pupils  will need to be flexible, adaptable, critical and creative thinkers as well as being resilient.  Our pupils will need to have the confidence and ability to shape the world around them  in order that they positively impact the wider world and our planet.  

We have a full understanding of the context of our school and the wide range of  experiences this brings for our children. Careful consideration has been given to these  experiences and this has helped us to design a curriculum which celebrates their strengths  whilst helping them to overcome any challenges they may face. As a result, we will: 

  • Provide all pupils with a wide range of challenging and ambitious learning  experiences
  • Develop children’s language skills, with a focus on vocabulary development 
  • Personalise learning, where necessary, to meet the needs of individuals
  • Ensure our curriculum reflects the diversity within school 

We are passionate about designing and engaging our learners in a language-rich,  inspiring and relevant curriculum that challenges them to connect with the world around  them in different ways, and supports their development of knowledge and skills, setting them up to become positive and influential citizens of the world. 

Our school motto of ‘Learning Together, Learners for Life’ reflects our commitment to  instilling a love of learning that we hope will stay with our children long after they leave  Smallwood. Our school values ensure that every member of our community has the skills  and tools they need in order to be successful lifelong learners. 

Through our curriculum, children will leave Smallwood as: 

  • Successful Learners 
  • Confident Individual                                                                   
  • Responsible Citizens and 
  • Effective Contributors

These are manifested in our school values of: 

  • Never Give Up
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Everyone is Equal
  • Always Take Part 

Our Learning  

Our learning is organised into the subject areas as laid out in the National Curriculum  (2014) for Key Stages 1 and 2 and the Early Years framework (2017). 

We teach our subjects through a thematic approach to learning, ensuring that  meaningful links are made between subjects in order that our pupils gain a deeper  understanding of what they are learning; our school values are threaded throughout our  curriculum so that our pupils leave Smallwood with a greater sense of what it means to be  a ‘Leaner for Life’. 

We have designed and planned our curriculum to offer a range of experiences which  contribute to every child receiving a full, rich and broad curriculum.  

Subject leaders have designed progressive curriculum maps which ensure children gain  the key knowledge and skills in every subject from our Early Years through to Year 6. Our  teachers endeavour to ensure that every child is included in all subjects by making  necessary adaptations. 

We are also passionate about our world and plan opportunities for our pupils to engage  in meaningful discussions and debates that lead to positive actions. Our pupils from Year  1 to Year 6 engage in a variety of committees that enable them to become citizens of  the world using our incredible outdoor space to enhance their understanding.

These ensure that our pupils are able to understand the current challenges our planet  faces and supports them in taking positive action and making positive change. They also  provide opportunities for our pupils to become leaders and have a voice in our school. 

As well as this, we place a heavy importance on fostering and developing pupils’ emotional and physical wellbeing. We believe that by getting this right, our pupils will be  better placed to engage in their learning and therefore be more successful. 

We are proud of our school and the diverse community we serve and delivering a  curriculum that enables each and every one of our pupils to be happy and have the  ambition to succeed is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Curriculum Overview

If you would like any further information about our 'One World Curriculum', please contact me at


Amit Patel 

Assistant Head Teacher