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Smallwood Primary School and Language Unit


Our Smallwood community is made up of families and staff who identify with countries all over the world.

Over 50% of the children at Smallwood Primary School have English as an additional Language.

We celebrate the diversity that this brings into our school.

Our Higher Level Teaching Assistant for EAL works closely with teachers and other support  staff to plan, prepare resources and support children with their identified EAL needs. She liaises with parents and interpreters to welcome new families to our Smallwood Community and help them to develop and maintain relationships with other parents/carers at school.

For children and their families, whose first language is not English (EAL – English as an Additional Language), we provide support in a variety of ways, including the following:


  • All of our children with EAL are assessed against the English Fluency Levels.

  • We carry out assessments in a child’s first language to help us determine what support may need to be put in place.

New arrivals

  • Children who come to Smallwood having recently arrived in the UK are provided with a block of intensive support to help them settle into their new environment, and to give them some basic language to feel comfortable in their classrooms and every day communication.

  • Children who come to Smallwood with limited English are also given support and this is determined by the level of needs.

EAL Coffee Mornings

These are held once a half term for any parents but primarily aimed at those whose first language is not English.

We provide interpreters to help communicate important messages about life at Smallwood.

There is usually a focus  for each Coffee Morning such as

  • How to help your child with their reading/homework/maths basic facts
  • Celebrating festivals and religious/cultural events
  • Maths lesson strategies
  • How to use School Gateway app
  • Linking with our PTA