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Smallwood Primary School and Language Unit

Early Years 

At Smallwood we believe that every child deserves the best possible start to their education.

We aim to provide a safe, secure and challenging environment in which children can continue to learn and thrive.

We want our pupils to come to Smallwood feeling excited about what the day will bring, to engage in their learning from the minute they enter the Early Years environment and leave at the end of the day understanding more about the world around them.

We recognise that children learn and develop in different ways and have their own learning styles. We help to develop the characteristics of effective learning in all our pupils.

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Reception Learning Letter - w/c 16.05.22

These include:

Playing and exploring


Through play our children explore and develop learning experiences, which help them make sense of the world.

They practise and build up ideas, and learn how to control themselves and understand the need for rules. They have the opportunity to think creatively alongside other children as well as on their own. They communicate with others as they investigate and solve problems. We deliver learning for all of the curriculum areas through, purposeful play and learning experiences, with a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities.

Active Learning


Active learning occurs when children are motivated and interested.

Children need to have some independence and control over their learning. As children develop their confidence they learn to make decisions. It provides children with a sense of satisfaction as they take ownership of their learning.

Creativity and Critical Thinking

Children should be given an opportunity to be creative through all areas of learning, not just through the arts.

Adults can support children’s thinking and help them to make connections by showing genuine interest, offering encouragement, clarifying ideas and asking open questions. Children can access resources freely and are allowed to move them around the classroom to extend their learning.

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New Entrants

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