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Smallwood Primary School and Language Unit


What we do

The Governing Body works with Mrs Loudon and the senior leaders of the school to provide an excellent learning experience for all of our children. We are all unpaid volunteers from different walks of life but what we have in common is our commitment to making Smallwood an outstanding school.

We provide a strategic overview of the school and help the school to identify key areas for improvement. It is not our job to deal with the day to day management of the school. Instead, we use our own knowledge and experience to help the school identify and achieve its aims and objectives. These targets are included in a document called the School Improvement Plan. The document is constantly updated as the school evolves and the Governors and Senior Leaders of the school use it to ensure that their work is focussed towards achieving the goals that are identified in it.  We act as critical friends of the school. This means that we support and constructively challenge the work of the Headteacher and staff. We evaluate the progress of the school in the light of Ofsted expectations and then make changes as necessary to work towards our high expectations of what Smallwood can achieve.

Who we are

  • Councillor James Daley
    Chair of Governors. Chair, Resources Committee
  • Fiona Loudon
    Headteacher. Resources, Teaching & Learning, Curriculum & Standards, Children, Families & Community Committees
  • Judy Hague
    Vice Chair of Governors. Chair, Children, Families & Communities, Resources Committees
  • Andrew Rudd
    Vice Chair of Governors. Chair, Teaching & Learning, Curriculum & Standards, Committee
  • Lynsey Hedges
    Chair, Resources Committee
  • Austin Erwin
    Teaching & Learning, Curriculum & Standards, Committees
  • Stephanie Glenister
    Children, Families & Community Committee
  • Nichola McGuire
    Children, Families & Community Committee
  • Daniel How
    Resources Committee
  • Mark Gulliford
    Teaching & Learning, Curriculum & Standards Committee
  • Gary Gibbs
    Resources Committee
  • Alexandra Newman
    Children, Families & Community Committee
  • Johanna Haffenden
    Children, Families & Community Committee
  • Adelise Easter
    Teaching & Learning Committee

In addition to the committee structure, certain Governors have a special responsibility.

Special Educational Needs: Andrew Rudd

Safeguarding: James Daley, Judy Hague

Health and Safety: Gary Gibbs

School Website: Gary Gibbs

There is a legal duty on all governors to declare an interest likely to lead to questions of bias when considering any item of business at a meeting and for the governor concerned to withdraw, if necessary, whilst the matter is considered. Please click the document link to see the Governors declared interests.