Smallwood Primary School and
Language Unit


Nursery - Acorn Class

Class Teachers: Shamim Janes (Mon-Wed) Judy Mills (Wed-Fri)

Welcome to the Acorn Class! We are a cheerful, happy class that loves to play, explore and learn new things every day. We love learning inside and outside and enjoy the exciting opportunities and challenges we face everyday.

This term our theme is ‘Marvellous Me ’. The Children in Acorn Class will be discovering and exploring the world around us. We’ll be basing some of our learning on Nick Sharrat’s fabulous book ’You Choose’ which asks important questions like: ‘If you could go anywhere where would you go?’ and ‘Who would you like for family and friends? Would you choose to be friends with the Big Bad Wolf or Cinderella?

We’ll also use other books to explore children’s interests, find out about our families, where we live and to use our imagination to design our dream homes and toys. We'll also be exploring the different festivals our children celebrate.