Smallwood Primary School and
Language Unit


Children at Smallwood Primary School receive an extremely high standard of teaching in a wide range of Physical Education activities.

We have excellent provision for gymnastics and children have specialist teaching for games.

Swimming lessons take place in particular year groups.

The range and quality of P.E. teaching, including wide-ranging styles of dance, has led to many children discovering new talents and skills.  Physical education as well as promoting healthy exercise and healthy living, also aims to promote team building and working as a member of a team.  Many of the sports undertaken at Smallwood Primary School through Physical Education allow for personal development, and go some way to helping the individual realise his or her potential when it comes to carrying out a particular task.

Perseverance is another key attribute to be learned and enhanced through Physical Education; this is all the more important in those students who would normally have no interest or lack motivation in the subject.

Physical Education promotes confidence and a sense of pride in the students - using Physical Education as a means to build character - also proves a useful and powerful tool in the fight against obesity and other childhood ailments such as diabetes, asthma and behavioural difficulties.