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Smallwood Primary School and Language Unit

Severe Weather Contingency

Severe Weather

During severe cold winter weather, schools and services can be affected for a variety of reasons, e.g.:

  • the access roads are not treated as they are not on a priority or severe weather route;
  • pupils are unable to reach school safely;
  • school buses stop operating and public transport is severely disrupted;
  • problems with the heating and/or water supply;
  • access routes around the school are considered hazardous or are blocked by snow and ice

We keep adequate stocks of salt and gritting material and as soon as treacherous conditions develop, gritting and/or salt scattering is carried out to provide a direct pathway to the school.

Emergency School Closures

In the event of severe weather conditions, Head Teachers are guided by the Local Authority.

Following an assessment of the situation, in consultation with relevant staff, a decision will be made on whether or not to close the school.

If an emergency closure of the school is to be carried out, the following procedures will take place:

  • We will send a text/e-mail to the main contact on your child’s record.
  • We will put information on the school’s website about the arrangements for the closure. There will also be up to date information on Smallwood School’s Twitter page. It is really important that in any severe weather, parents and carers make every effort to regularly check the school website and their email and text messages. You will need to refresh your browser if you stay logged on to the website. 
  • At this point we will start to evacuate the school.
  • Parents who arrive at the school will be greeted at the main entrance by a member of staff who will then arrange for the child/children to join them and be taken home.
  • If we have not heard from parents/carers of remaining children, we will attempt to contact other emergency contacts on their record.

When the school has been safely closed, we will liaise with the Local Authority on subsequent arrangements. At the earliest opportunity, we will then carry out an assessment of the conditions for re-opening the school. Arrangements for re-opening the school will be communicated to parents via the school’s website and other local media.

Hopefully we will not need to put these arrangements in place. However, we trust you will find the information helpful and I ask that you ensure your child/children know what arrangements you have made in the event of school closure.