Smallwood Primary School and
Language Unit

Remote Education at Smallwood

This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils and parents or carers about what to expect from remote education. 

Daily Timetable

Each class will start each day with registration at the designated times below.  During this session, the class teacher will also introduce the learning tasks for the day and explain learning.

The older classes will have virtual meetings throughout the day so that learning can be shared and improved.

Jan 2021 Parent Survey:

Thank you for completing our school questionnaire on remote learning in order for us to review the current provision.  We appreciate how challenging remote learning must be; thank you all for the continued efforts you are making to support the learning for our pupils.

We have made some revisions to what we are delivering and most of these will become apparent through your child’s Google Classroom or zoom sessions.  The PDF is description of some of those alterations and a sample of your responses to the questionnaire.

Parent Survey and Response

Early Years:

All learning tasks will be posted on your child’s class padlet

Class Virtual Meet Times Zoom Link Padlet Link
Apple (EYFS: LU) Almost all children will be taught onsite in their own classroom with familiar staff and their new teacher. 
Acorn (Nursery) 9.30am: registration and phonics

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 794 0645 3565

Passcode: nKVX6K

Padlet link
12.00pm: Storytime (optional)

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 796 0702 6540

Passcode: vY3Cx7

Ash (Reception) 9.30am: registration and phonics

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 883 2761 3823

Passcode: ash

Padlet link
12.00pm: Storytime and learning

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 822 3806 0723

Passcode: ash


Maths Meeting

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 799 1643 3232
Passcode: Ashclass

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only

Years 1-6:

Please use your child’s Smallwood Google account details to sign in to Google Classroom.  Details of how to sign in can be found here: 

Document guidance

Please have a go at logging in and accessing your child’s google classroom ahead of time.  If you are experiencing any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address at the bottom of this document.

All links for virtual meets will be posted into your child’s Google Classroom titled ‘X class Remote Learning’- each session will last about 30 minutes.

All learning tasks will be posted in your child’s Google Classroom

Class Virtual Meet Times
Birch and Sycamore (Year 1)

9.15am: registration and phonics 

1.15pm: learning review

1.30pm: gymnastics (Thursdays only)

Cherry (LU: 1/2)

9.15am: registration and phonics 

1.15pm: learning review

Elm and Pine (Year 2)

9.30am: registration

1.15pm: learning review

Chestnut (Year 3)

9.30am: registration

11.30am: learning review

1.30pm: learning review (excluding Fridays)

2.00pm: dance (Tuesdays only)

Pear (LU: 3/4)

9.15am: registration

12.15pm: learning review

2.30pm: dance (Tuesdays only)

Juniper (Year 4)

9.15am: registration

11.15am: learning review

1.15pm: learning review (excluding Fridays)

1.30pm: dance (Tuesdays only)

Hawthorn (Year 5)

9.00am: registration

11.00am: learning review

1.00pm: dance (Tuesdays only)

1.30pm: learning review (excluding Fridays)

Lime (LU: 5/6)

9.15am: registration

11.15pm: learning review

1.45pm: learning review (excluding Fridays)

Oak and Maple (Year 6)

8.45-9.15am: responding to feedback

9.15am: registration

11.00pm: learning review

1.30pm: learning review (excluding Fridays)

Whole School PE: Soul Sessions

Week 1 (11th Jan): GOALS

Week 2 (18th Jan): SPORTS

Week 3 (25th Jan): HEALTHY HABITS

Week 4 (1st Feb): FITNESS


12.00: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

The Remote Curriculum:  What is taught to pupils at home.

For the start of this Spring Term, our aim is to teach broadly the same curriculum remotely as we do at school - necessary adjustments will of course be made to take into consideration, resources, screen time and the pressures of family life.  Each year group will be starting their new topics for this term and therefore the first week will very much focus on learning activities that introduce the new topics.   

Smallwood Curriculum Overview

Each day, the following learning tasks will be made available. 

  1. A writing task
  2. A reading comprehension task or phonics
  3. A maths task
  4. 1 topic task from our foundation subjects (e.g. science, geography etc) or EYFS areas of learning 

Each task will equate to roughly 30 minutes of learning (20 minutes for Years 1-2 and 10 minutes for EYFS).  

There will be learning reviews during the day for Years 1-6.  This will give teachers the opportunity to answer any questions, highlight and share good learning and demonstrate areas for further improvement.  

If you would like your child to complete additional tasks, please take a look at the following areas on our website for guidance: 

  1. Home Learning
  2. Lockdown 2020 Tasks

In addition to these tasks, we expect all pupils to spend some time completing the following daily diet activities.

Daily Diet: 

  1. Reading (parent to sign the online reading record) 
    1. classes have been set up with EPIC reading accounts; please ask your child’s teacher if you do not already have this.
  2. Phonics Play (Years R, 1 and 2 only)
    1. Username: Smallwood
    2. Password: Smallwood123
  3. Mathletics Task (Years 1-6 only)
  4. Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) (Years 2-6 only)

Your child should already have login details for Mathletics and TTRS.  If they do not, please ask your child’s class teacher for them. 

Achievement Assembly:

Each week we will have our usual achievement assembly. Please use the links below to access these.  

Nursery and Reception: Achievement certificates will be awarded during the 12pm session on Fridays.

Years 1 - 2: 2.00pm - 

Years 3 - 6: 2.30pm - 

Each week, we will review the learning, making any necessary changes based on teacher and parent feedback.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you